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First Appointment

As specialists in dentistry for children, our approach may be different from that of a family/general dentist. The following information will help you and your child prepare to have a fun and informative visit!


As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, children should go the dentist by age 1 or the age of the first tooth growth, whichever comes first. The purpose of this visit is to get to know the child and aid parents with any oral struggles they may have with homecare. Diets and oral hygiene procedure will be reviewed with parents.  Dr. Pirner will also ensure that the oral development is age-appropriate.  

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We live by the principle "keep it simple." Simply explain to your child that their teeth will be counted and brushed. Our team has been trained to be able to comfort most children helping to avoid negative experiences. Our office is designed to create a warm & friendly atmosphere for children of all ages. We encourage children to proudly come into the treatment area on their own. This will help acclimate your child to the new surroundings and gain a positive rapport with us. Our main goal is to help your child build self-confidence and independence as they do in school. Dr. Pirner or Jen, our hygienist, will go over diet, nutrition and home care with the parents to support their child.

Please allow your child to develop his/her own experiences. Therefore, please refrain from sharing your own phobias or negative experiences with your child. Your child is being treated by a pediatric dentist who has specialized skill and training to help your child have a positive dental experience. Please refrain from using such terminologies as: hurt, drill, shot, needle, pull, cavity. We will thoroughly explain each procedure to your child using age-appropriate terminology.  As such, you will find that we schedule patients depending on their age and development.  Young, preschool-aged kids will be scheduled in the morning when they are fresh.  This will mirror the times that preschool operates because it has been shown that preschool-aged children perform best in the morning.

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"This is the best kids dentist office. My daughter likes that this is her dentist, not mom and dads. She goes in by herself while I wait in the sitting area, and there's no problem! The front receptionist is really knowledgeable with any insurance questions you might have, too."

-D.P., Yelp Review, Bridgewater, MA

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